Fathers Day means so much to me. My dad had to raise me and my three older sisters on his own from the time I was three. It was not the easiest thing for him to do but I think he did an amazing job. I am truly a better person because of my dad, he taught my sisters and me that having more than one trade was a good way to never have to rely on someone else, that hard work goes a long way, and family is always there for you. My dad was and still is today a hard working man and would do anything for his girls. I love you with all my heart dad! 

Being in a community where I see so many dads miss out on so much, I want to give back to them a bit, which is why these sessions are by donation only. 

The sessions will be held on Dam Neck Base, so you will need to have access to the base. The beach area they are being held at is at the end of Shifting Sands. Once you enter base you will enter a roundabout, you will take the second exit and go straight through the stop sign, follow that road all the way to the end where you will see a parking lot on the left side on the right is a factory like looking building.  

This beach is known as the fishing beach so is family and animal-friendly! 

With these sessions being so short, I do ask that you show up on time to your time slot selected! Looking forward to these sessions a lot!!!

Each session last 10 minutes, and when images are sent out you will receive 3-4 images! 

Virginia Beach Wedding and Portrait Photographer. Specializing in a more natural feel, capturing those intimate moments of natural life! Working mostly outdoors but can take a session inside when needed!